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ACW Consultancy Limited is the premier business solution provider in the Greater China region under ACW group. Headquarter in Hong Kong, ACW group is found in 1986, with offices in China, Hong Kong and Philippines. The group consists of four subsidiaries, ACW Consultancy, ACW Solutions, ACW Distribution and ACW Services. As a professional solution arm of ACW group, ACW Consultancy focuses on the business management solution and consulting services.

As the certified SAP Gold Partner, our aim is to deliver a one-stop integrated business management solution and consulting services to small and midsize companies. With plenty of ERP consulting and implementation experience, ACW Consultancy is successfully helping our clients achieve their objectives such as reducing operation costs, improving efficiency of company workflow and employee’s productivity.

With more than 35,000 successful customers, SAP® Business One is designed for small and midsize business to manage your critical business functions across sales, purchasing, inventory, and financials, all in a single and integrated system in an efficient way. SAP Business One makes it easy for you to speed up your decision making through accessing a complete view of your business, so you can respond to customers faster and seize new market opportunities.

ACW Consultancy is the Salesforce Cloud Alliance partner in Greater China, with over 10 years presence in the market, our Salesforce certified experts are dedicated and experience in helping our clients to adapt the most innovative technologies- Cloud computing CRM according to their business needs. Our customers include global enterprises, medium and small business companies. We strive to provide Value and Quality Service in the form of technical consultancy to our customers.
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