Thursday, July 19, 2018
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Hand-In-Hand with ACW Consultancy

At ACW, we believe the availability of support and service are critical to the satisfaction of our customers, as they run their business replying on our solution. To serve them better and better, we have the same believes as you and your company.

  • We always focus on medium to large size marketplace
  • We specialize ourselves in different vertical industries to meet their requirements
  • We commit to drive a win-win situation with our partners with growth and success
  • We initiate innovative transformation of technology into practical solutions for our customers
While driving ourselves to excellence, you support and participation are crucial. Our partnering program is linked to your level of commitment. The program allows you to become a Lead-Pass Partner or an Alliance Partner.
  • Lead Pass Partners
  • Alliance Partners
    include Strategic Partners and Technology Partners
Ideal Partners

Our partners come from various kind of professional people and organizations, not limited to technology parties. We welcome collaborations of diverse business activities from publication to advertisement, or from seminars to workshops.

Traditionally our partners have their background as:
  • System Integrators
  • IT and Security Professional Consultants
  • Network Solution Providers
  • Voice Communication Solutions Providers
  • Product Vendors
  • ISPs and Telecom Companies
Other partners include:
  • Industrial Organizations
  • Government Bodies and Authorities
  • Business Services Professionals
  • Industrial Servicing Companies
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