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26 Jan 2011

Now more than ever dynamic enterprises are looking for ways to gain a competitive edge and deliver a better experience for their customers. By taking advantage of the latest technologies available with SAP Business One you can achieve this goal.

The SAP® Business One mobile application for iPhone and iPad is just one example of those technologies.

After listening to the more than 28,000 businesses using SAP Business One, the imperative to deliver mobile access to staff became crystal clear. The ability to access your business processes and data remotely delivers increased productivity, better ROI and significantly improves customer relations.

SAP Business One now comes with a mobile application that allows your employees to access:
  • Customer and inventory information in real time
  • Up to the minute reports
  • Alerts with key performance indicators
  • Workflow approvals
  • Tasks and activities
By utilizing the SAP Business One mobile application for iPhone, iPad and even the iPod Touch your employees will be able to answer customer queries faster, make better decisions and speed up the flow of business transactions inside your organization.

And SAP Business One, with additional industry-specific functionality, can meet the unique and fast-changing needs of companies in the retail, wholesale distribution, discrete manufacturing, and professional services industries.

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