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Salesforce CRM    

Salesforce® CRM is the world’s leading enterprise cloud computing leader. Over 104,000 customers are using Salesforce® CRM globally. With cloud computing technology, Salesforce® CRM is fast, easy, open, flexible, and trusted for every sized business. It gives you a 360-degree understanding of your customer and business.

You can:

Execute your strategy in confidence:
Give you 360° view of your customers and business with real-time reports and dashboards.

Easily increase your sales productivity dramatically:
Help you to target precisely for up-selling and cross-selling your customers.

Drive up your customer satisfaction immediately:
Allow you to engage your customer professionally with all needed information anytime, anywhere via mobile devices.

Expand your market Share:
Help you to turn social network conversations into quality leads.

Focus to your business wholeheartedly:
Provide continuous innovation through subscription.

® Products Overview:

Sales Cloud®

CRM System
The Sales Cloud® is the world’s leading sales application. It gives you capability to connect to your customers from updated account information to social insights in the cloud computing infrastructure-based platform. The Sales Cloud® provides all sales capabilities to you to address daily selling requirements, and you can drive more deals with the Salesforce1™ Mobile application.
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Service Cloud

CRM Solution
With the Service Cloud®, you can bridge the gap between your call center agents and your customers. It has the innovative capabilities, such as a knowledge base to make your agents and customers smarter, customer communities to empower customers to find solutions by themselves. Built on the Salesforce1™ Platform, it enhances the mobile capabilities for your agents to deliver the service to your customer at anytime anywhere.
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